Affinity & Youth Work

Affinity & Youth Work

Affinity & Youth Work

Affinity engagement team is funded by Affinity Care

Through this role, we primarily provide support intended to increase patient engagement and involvement in the decision making process throughout Affinity Care services.

We work with all Affinity G.P practices in the Affinity Care partnership; and other associated providers such as Patient Councils, patient networks, CCGs and patient focus groups connected to individual practices.

The Affinity practices that we cover are;

  • Cowgill
  • Haigh Hall
  • Shipley and Westcliffe
  • Sunnybank
  • Thornton and Denholme
  • Willows

We also work with all the above practices to ensure that patients are well-informed of ongoing self-care and wellbeing campaigns; alongside alternative services that can both manage conditions, and give patients the confidence to supervise themselves in the future.

We also work with Affinity to co-ordinate focus groups with patients who have long-term health conditions, namely COPD and Dementia; in turn encouraging them to have an input on future services.


Telephone: 01274 271088

Fax: 01274 710843