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Shipley Towns Fund


Shipley is one of 101 places across England selected for up to £25m investment as part of the Government’s Towns Fund initiative. The Towns Fund invests in town and high street regeneration and, alongside other funding, will deliver improvements to the Shipley and provide jobs and training opportunities, as well as wider cultural and social benefits.

What are we proposing?

HALE and The Cellar Trust have submitted a joint bid for funding to develop a Health, Wellbeing and Community Campus (HWCC). Creation of the HWCC will change the way in which mental health and wellbeing services are delivered in Shipley and how they connect with the people who need them, so that people receive appropriate, holistic support which meets their needs.
After considering a number of sites, the existing Cellar Trust building at Farfield Road has been selected as the most suitable location from which to provide key facilities and support services, with the funding available.

What will the Health, Wellbeing and Community Campus offer to the community in Shipley?

The aim of the HWCC is to develop a vibrant community-owned, community-led hub offering a wide range of joined up support services, delivered by a skilled workforce and team of volunteers to engage, assess and motivate people and give them the tools to improve their mental health and wellbeing. 

The HWCC will:

  • Offer an inclusive, welcoming and accessible environment, creating a space to provide support, activities and services for people of all ages, who have a wide variety of needs
  • Provide a much needed green clean air and recreational space for the local population
  • Combine a number of services into one location and provide greater flexibility for people accessing the services
  • Work with partners and connect them together into a joined-up approach to help people get the support they need easily

How will it help the people of Shipley?

People will have access to a range of health and wellbeing support services and activities, from a single location, so people can use multiple services in one visit. The benefits will be:

  • Increased availability of improved health and wellbeing services, information, advice and support
  • Joined-up, person-centred services designed around the needs of the individual
  • Availability of additional activities in the local community, not accessible currently
  • Building people’s self-confidence and skills to improve their health and lifestyle and further the life chances of some of the most vulnerable people living in the district
  • Creation of a destination with a broad range of health and wellbeing activities for all ages, appealing to a wide variety of visitors, boosting footfall to the area and stimulating the local economy
  • Generation of employment opportunities for residents
  • Services and facilities easily accessed by public transport, reducing travel time, costs and carbon emissions and improving air quality, for clients, employees, volunteers and residents

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