Youth Work

Youth Work

Youth Work

Baildon Youth Council 

We have been funded by Baildon Town Council to deliver youth work in partnership with Bradford Youth Service.

Baildon Youth Council has been running since July 2014, and has the following aims

  • To change and influence decisions that affect young people in Baildon
  • To challenge negative stereotypes about young people
  • To give young people in the area more places to go and things to do.

We empower, improve skills and enable young people to engage with their community.

If you would like to get involved in our youth work please Contact Us

Loud Whispers (CSE)

We offer a programme called Loud Whispers, which covers recognising positive and negative relationships, acceptable and unacceptable behaviours, gaining knowledge in grooming, trafficking and how to stay safe from vulnerable situations.

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Youth Work

Funded through the Police and Crime Commissioner, the project will aim to educate young people in the Shipley area around the effects and risks of alcohol consumption, the danger of alcohol misuse and the association with anti-social behaviours using our Mobile Venue (converted bus). Young people will be engaged in a variety of activities on the bus, including games, discussions and quizzes.

Click here for the information poster detailing the times and dates of the August 2017 drop-in sessions 

Please click here to view where our Youth Drop-in service will be taking place over August 2017




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