Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Sexual Health

At HALE we recognise that there are many complex issues that relate to sexual health.  We aim to provide a service that engages people and uses a creative approach to increase their knowledge, confidence and self esteem. Shipley has one of the highest teenage pregnancies and STI rates in Bradford, and so this work is much needed. HALE runs the following programmes:

CLASH (Collaborative Learning about Sexual Health) is a programme for young people to explore their feelings about sex and relationships, build confidence and self esteem and learn about STIs and the impact of drugs and alcohol on relationships.

Converse is a course specifically for parents and carers to develop the confidence and skills to speak to their children about relationships and sexual health.

Locala Sexual Health Outreach

We currently run various drop ins each week, at various locations across Bradford and some on our Mobile Venues where young people aged 15 – 26 can access free condoms and Chlamydia Screening, information about sexual health & relationships and signposting to local clinics and services.

Telephone: 01274 271088

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